Congregational Vitality

Vitality Update 11.08.19

November 8, 2019

Healthy Missional Marker #1: Centrality of the Word of God.

The ECC has laid out ten identifying characteristics of a Healthy, Missional Church. By "healthy” we mean pursuing Christ...
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Vitality Update 11.01.19

November 1, 2019
Below is a testimony from Therese Racklyeft.
"Each of us on the Vitality team has been challenged to tell why we are serving on this team. I have so many thoughts I would like to...
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Vitality Update 10.18.19

October 18, 2019
On August 10th, twenty-five of us gathered in the Fellowship Hall for the Vitality Event, “Finding our Biblical Story”.  This was an event to look at Scripture and share...
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Vitality Update 10.04.19

October 4, 2019
Messiah Church,
The story of Abraham, as he is called to leave Haran, always hits me hard. What did he hear? Genesis 12 says he is told by God to “Go forth from your country…And...
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Vitality Update 09.27.19

September 27, 2019
Messiah Church,
Why are we talking about and participating in this “VITALITY PATHWAY?”
Messiah’s church council, seeking to offer leadership in the spiritual growth...
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