Grow Groups

When Jesus gathered his twelve disciples, he intentionally took time to be with them, teach them, encourage them, model evangelize to them, and share life with them.  This small group that started the church was focused on growing together in the truth of who Jesus was, and telling others of that good news. 

This fall at Messiah, we will be starting Grow Groups meeting during the Christian Formation hour at Messiah Church.  Grow Groups are small groups that meet each week and study Scripture, pray, talk through the different aspects of the faith, and encourage one another to be formed into the likeness of Christ.  

Grow Groups are an important opportunity to stop just gathering once a week, but to begin going deeper in your faith, and being challenged by other believers to go and share the gospel with everyone.

You will hear more about Grow Groups in the month of August.  Please prayerfully consider joining a Grow Group, and deepening your relationship with God and with your fellow brothers and sisters at Messiah.