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First John 3.11-4.5: It's All About Jesus

Posted on November 1, 2015

Main Idea: Christ-like love is self-giving, by actions and in truth.

  • Read the story of Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:1-11).

    • What do we learn about love of God and love of others from this story?

    • What gives sin (and the Devil) power, according to verse 7?

    • Why do you think John would use this story to illustrate in point in First John 3?

  • Why would the world hate a group of people whose goal is to love others? (v. 13)

  • In verse 17, John mentions on specific way we can follow Christ’s example (giving to those in need).  In what other ways can we “lay down our lives” for each other?

  • How can John’s words in verses 19-20 help us during times of difficulty and doubt?

  • As followers of Christ, how can we overcome the false teachers that are continually in front of us? (4.1-6)

Practice:  Jesus self-giving love was given voluntarily, was life giving, was accompanied by truth, and given from abundance.  How can you show Christ-like love this week with actions and in truth?  Seek to freely give of your TIME or TALENT this week to help an individual in need.