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First John 5.1-12: Victorious!

Posted on November 15, 2015

Main Idea: We can claim victory over the struggles of this life because of Jesus’ work on the cross!

  • There are three things that John calls us to in this passage: faith in Christ, obedience to his Word, and love of God and others.  Which one is the hardest for you?  Which one is the least difficult?  What could you do to strengthen the ones that are hardest for you?

  • What do we learn in this passage about the necessity of Jesus being the ONLY way to God?  Why is that important?

  • What are the things that make us reluctant to telling others about Jesus?  How can we best overcome them?

  • Read Matthew 11:25-30

    • To whom is it easy to understand Jesus?

    • In what ways is God’s yoke easy and burden light?

    • How can we live in the reality of an easy yoke and light burden while still facing challenges every day?

Practice:  Who in your life needs to know about the victory that comes in Christ?  Prayerfully begin seeking opportunities to invite them to church for the Advent season (Nov. 29-Dec. 25).  Take time to pray for them every day by name and find a time to invite them to church.